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Jerusalem Caliphate and the Third Jihad

An Ancient Bible Prophecy Reveals the Agenda of Today’s Determined Islam


John C. Witcombe

Now Available

Jerusalem Caliphate and the Third Jihad,  Prophecy Waymarks

Islam—the world’s second-largest religion—has big plans. Its goal? Nothing less than to bring
the nations of this world under the influence of Islam and the rule of its sharia law.
Beginning in A.D. 632, the entire Muslim world was ruled by a single leader called a caliph. But
on March 3, 1924, after 1,292 years, the caliphate was abolished. Today, though, many Muslims
envision a coming worldwide Islamic Super-state—and they are determined to reestablish the
caliphate and vow that it will be planted in Jerusalem.

Twice in its long history, Islam has dramatically expanded its reach in the world through
aggressive Jihads—bringing huge areas of earth’s territory under Islamic control using all means
necessary, including military conquest. Evidence is increasing that Islam is poised to launch a
third Jihad to once again expand its dominion.

A Jerusalem caliphate? A third Jihad?
According to an ancient Bible prophecy, the answer to both questions is Yes. A reasonable and
commonsense interpretation of that prophecy makes clear that Islam will indeed achieve its
Jerusalem caliphate and set in motion its third Jihad: “And he shall plant the tabernacles of his
palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain. . .” Daniel 11:45.
What does this prophecy mean? And what will happen when the Muslim world—now 1.6
billion strong—unites under a restored caliphate in Jerusalem? The answers are set forth in the
pages of this compelling book.

John Witcombe, an avid student of history and Bible prophecy, discovered a forgotten
prophetic view of Islam in a 19th-century book entitled Daniel and the Revelation—a view that
has significant relevance for those of us living in the 21st century. “Hidden in plain sight” in the
11th chapter of Old Testament Daniel, the author is convinced that Islam’s present and future
role is there clearly revealed.

Witcombe is a pastor who has worked in Ireland and in the Pacific Northwest. He and his wife,
Sharon, are now experiencing the joys of being grandparents.

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